WinExtra on Window Ep. 3 - The Schizophrenia of Microsoft

WinExtra on Window Ep. 3 – The Schizophrenia of Microsoft

One of the reasons I look forward to the weekends is that Saturday is the day that I get to get together with my good friend Paul O’Flaherty and we get to talk about Microsoft and Windows.

After a week of mostly non-stop social media nonsense it is nice to step back and discuss something that means a lot to a great number of people, not just a small segment of specialized interests.

Today’s show starts out with us continuing last week’s mention of Spindex with a follow up on another FUSE Labs release called Emporia, which for a lack of better understanding is a Twitter and blog search engine with specific channels of interest.

This leads into a bit if chatter about Silverlight and Apple’s toppling of Microsoft from the top of the market cap game. At which point we delve into a little bit of analysis of Apple vs Microsoft and the involvement of the DoJ which is beginning an investigation into Apple and it’s business practices as far as their music business is concerned.

Of course as with most things Microsoft our conversation ends up centered around Stave Ballmer and how people, and Microsoft, seem to forget just how open the company is becoming when it comes to their software projects.

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Enjoy the show.

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