Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales And His 5 Predictions For The Internet [Video]

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales And His 5 Predictions For The Internet [Video]

While some people might have differences of opinions about Jimmy Wales and the things he says there is no getting around the fact that he is responsible for bringing one of the biggest changes to the web when he founded Wikipedia.

Wales is also a big thinker when it comes to the Internet and has no problem expressing his viewpoint, regardless of how you might interpret them so it should be no surprise that he was asked to speak as a part of the New Thinkers Index, which is a Microsoft Advertising led project.

During the video Wales outlines his 5 predictions with regards to the web and its future. These predictions were:

  •  The Internet As A Political Lobby To Be Reckoned With
  • There Will Be A Shift In Our Thinking About Privacy On The Net
  • Social Media As A Tool Against Corruption
  • Internet Pay Walls Will Improve Journalism
  • Social Media Will Connect The Global Population Through Cultural Sharing

Here is the video that is a part of the New Thinkers Index series.

via Slashgear