Train Wreck Bike Has Serious Steampunk Look

Train Wreck Bike Has Serious Steampunk Look

Now before you get all excited these are just concept rendering by Colby Higgins and are in no way near to being any thing real.

Even though Higgins doesn’t use the word steampunk anywhere in his description of the project in the Tuvie post I am willing to bet that there isn’t a single steampunker who wouldn’t give their right arm to have something like this.

My inspiration was derived from a lot of different sources. I have always had a fascination with old fashion mechanics. We don’t see the technology outwardly exposed enough anymore due to the rise of electronic controls. Often when interesting mechanisms are used, designers are paid to cover them with swoopy and aerodynamic looking fairings or covers. I wanted to bring back the idea of visible raw mechanics and put it into something that we can all relate to. I determined to an extent how it would actually function, and that’s what drove the design. My other goal was to prove that objects and designs can be extremely simple (not always organic) yet still have a very interesting look, in this case a couple of cylinders define the form. I didn’t even touch any heavy duty surfacing tools while making the model (Other than the seat maybe), just tedious parts and details.

Pure Awesomeness.

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