The Rimac Concept_One: The Electric Supercar From Croatia [Video]

The Rimac Concept_One: The Electric Supercar From Croatia [Video]

One has to admit that two things about this new supercar arenot  things that you would expect to hear in a supercar’s description. While electric is becoming more of a popular option it still hasn’t really transcended into the supercar market yet to any real degree.

This car is most definitely an exception.

The other point that you might not expect to here is where it is built. Most of us expect to hear the name of countries like Italy, Germany, England, and even the US but I don’t think that Croatia would be on that list in anyone’s estimation.

This car is yet again – an exception.

Welcome to the $980,000 Rimac Concept_One, an electric supercar that is compared by some to be of Bugatti proportions, with its 1,088 horsepower power train of electric motors.

With a 92kW battery powering the electric motors at each wheel, the Rimac is said to be capable of rocketing to 62 from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds while traveling as far as 372 miles on a single charge. The team of former Pininfarina designers penned an attractive shape to go with it, the Bulgarian leathercrafters extraordinaires at Vilner were brought in to craft the interior, HRE developed a unique set of monoblock alloys and Vredestein debuted its new Ultrac Vorti tires designed by Giugiaro all for the Concept_One.

via Autoblog

Here is the video of the Rimac Concept_one that was done for EVO Magazine.