The Complete Set Of "The Avengers" Wallpapers For The Getting

The Complete Set Of “The Avengers” Wallpapers For The Getting

May is coming quick which means that one of the biggest movies of 2012 will be hitting the theaters. I am of course talking about The Avengers as well as the inevitable, and massive, marketing campaign that will launch in the weeks leading up to it.

Up to this point we’ve had to make do with a few trailers and some poster artwork but now Toys R Us (via FirstShowing) has put together a collection of 1280 x 1024 desktop wallpapers for you to slap on your computer, which I have snagged and put up for you to grab if you want.

Here are the individual wallpapers just in case you only want one or two but I have also put them together in a complete downloadable pack for you at the end of the post.


Download The Complete Avengers Wallpaper Pack