Some Awesome HTML5 8-Bit Color-Cycled Landscapes

Some Awesome HTML5 8-Bit Color-Cycled Landscapes

When it has come to animation for the web the undisputed king for the longest time has been Flash but that could change with all the work being done to make HTML5 the next standard for the web.

All the major players on the Web have taken a serious interest in HTML5 and it’s promise of being able to do things that were previously thought to be strictly in the realm of Flash and this awesome work by Mark Ferrari, a veteran of LucasArts, gives you some idea of just is capable with HTML5.

Even though these HTML5 examples by Ferrari are using a technique called 8-bit color-cycling, which means an images whose color palette is changed underneath it to give the impression of it being animated. This technique was used back in the day of 8-bit processors because at that time you couldn’t display 24 frames per second, which is what the frame of animation typically is.

Here are a couple more images but if you’d like the real thing head over to the site and play with the samples that are there.

via Geekosystem