Windows Live Writer a dead man walking? Please say it ain’t so Microsoft.


I originally missed this little tidbit yesterday in Mini-Microsoft’s post but was brought up short when reading Kip Kniskern’s reaction to the following regarding Windows Live Writer mention in Mini-Microsoft’s post:

Windows Live is supposed to help with building value via rich applications. Live has been broken out of Windows to free it from the consent decree and all (‘cept for sneaking a Win7 component out early, wink-wink). Messenger, Mail, Photos, Movies, and an awkward online service. And Live Writer (though rumored a dead-man walking per comments). (ed: emphasis mine)

Now Like Kip I looked through the comments on the original post and couldn’t fine any further reference to Live Writer but that said I really hope that this isn’t the case. Ask any blogger on a Windows machine what the best blog editor out there is and Live Writer tops the list. Hell even Mac fan will acknowledge how good it is and that is saying something.

Unfortunately though Live Writer has seen a few of its developers at Microsoft either head to other projects or out the door to other companies. I know that since the last release of the editor it has been pretty quiet out there regarding any news as to what is being planned for the future – if anything.

I will say though that given how much work is being done to WordPress (the blogging platform I use) offline editors like Live Writer aren’t keeping up with all the added features to WordPress which is really too bad. As much as I may dislike using the online editor in WordPress it will definitely rise to the top of my options if Live Writer goes away.

I sure hope this does turn out to be nothing more than a rumor because it would really suck otherwise.