Taking IT virtual with the help of Windows Intune

Taking IT virtual with the help of Windows Intune

Cloud computing is really something that companies and investors are looking into these days, and this week delivers a couple prime examples of this growing trend.  Citrix justacquired Cloud.com, with a remaining focus on leveraging the services of OpenStack.  rPath also shows its support for OpenStack, launching the OpenStack Compute Appliance, which will permit users to configure and update software on the OpenStack cloud.

Then there’s software giant Microsoft, which has had quite a journey to the cloud, especially as it trickles down to the consumer level.  Microsoft is certainly on board the ‘Cloud Ship’ as it unveiled its Windows Intune today.  This is a cloud service that will let IT admin manage Windows computers remotely via the internet.  And you could sense Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer’s excitement about cloud as he discussed it on Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference.

“The cloud is where things are going and we want you to come with us,” Ballmer said to 15,000 conference attendees at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in a speech that was streamed online. “You are going to have to continue to remap and retrain yourselves.”

Aside from the unveiling of Windows Intune and Office 365 for their cloud services, Microsoft has more news to be happy about.  They have partnered with Yell to sell online ads and cloud services.  Parallels, a hosting and cloud services provisioning specialist, also revealed their crucial role in Microsoft’s cloud offerings, detailing their two-year partnership to create a cloud automation solution for the health industry. Wyse also announced theirpartnership with Microsoft for the ‘Shape the Future’ initiative which will help the government use technology to solve problems in education, economic and social changes.

Post originally written by Mellisa Torentino for SiliconAngle and is reposted here with permission