Simple Fix: “My wallpaper in Windows 7 won’t change”

At some point about a month or so ago my desktop wallpaper became stuck. Nothing I did would make it change. I could change the theme through the Personalization area of Windows 7 but everything else would change except for the wallpaper.

I didn’t really notice the problem at first but then about a week ago I installed a really nice Captain American theme but the wallpaper didn’t change, which really irritated me but since I was on a timetable to get some stuff done I didn’t have much of a chance to dig into the problem.

When I did find some time and did some searching on the web for a solution all I got was a bunch of useless results (who said search was the greatest thing since sliced bread is an idiot); but yesterday I did manage to find a solution and a pretty simple one at that.

Now let me qualify this info by saying that this worked for me so your mileage may very but if you are having the same problem this possible solution won’t hurt anything if it doesn’t work.

So here are the steps to follow

  1. Open Explorer
  2. type in this path in the address bar %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\
  3. When you open up that folder you will see two files: slideshow.ini and TranscodedWallpaper.jpg – delete them both
  4. Reboot your computer
  5. right-click on the desktop and select the Personalization menu item
  6. select the theme you want

And that is it.

Like I said, this worked for me and chances are it will work for you as well.

14 thoughts on “Simple Fix: “My wallpaper in Windows 7 won’t change””

  1. Did you try deleting only the JPG file? It should do the trick just as well, plus you don’t have to redo the desktop customization…

  2. It worked for me!!! Thanks for sharing this info. Had been trying to figure out the what was going on for a few weeks but had not had the time, as you said, to “dig into the problem. ” Happened to me after downloading a few themes also under my user name but I noticed I did not happen to the other users listed on my computer. Knew it had to be an individual user issue. This did it!!!

  3. Try different suggestions from Microsoft (update drivers ! lol) and others with no success. This one work for me ! Thanks a lot

  4. Worked great remember guys to open the folder options and show “hidden files and folders” and they will then appear at least the “.ini” file will then delete and reboot… TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTTYTYTYTYTY

  5. I did that but the picture keeps coming back and due to that, I still can’t change my wallpaper………*sad for centuries*

  6. Thanks for posting this! Most of the fixes I could find on the Goog were for folks who need help finding the Control Panel, right-clicking on desktop, etc. to use the OS as designed. This was the only post that fixed a thing that was actually broken. . .

  7. I am having this problem too. I did the above, but on step 3 I only had the .jpg file I did not have the slideshow.ini file. Where can I download this as I tried searching my computer for this file and non can be found. Please advise
    Thank You

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