No import to Outlook from Windows Live Mail Microsoft? Really?

No import to Outlook from Windows Live Mail Microsoft? Really?

Today I bumped up against one of those WTF are you thinking Microsoft moments when I decided to move from using Windows Live Mail to using Outlook 2010. I don’t mind using Windows Live Mail but I figured that it would be nice to see what the new Outlook 2010 was like over some extended use.

What I wasn’t counting on was the headache.

Anyone who follows our @WinExtra on Twitter will have seen a few of my messages about the fact that there is no way to easily import your Windows Live Mail data into Outlook. In fact I even asked the official @Office account why one has absolutely no way to import one’s accounts from Windows Live Mail – still waiting for a reply (ya this crowdsourcing crap really works). That was beside the general message asking for any tips or hints might be out there to accomplish this – still waiting.

It’s not that you can’t import some of your Windows Live Mail data because you can, well you can if you are willing to jump through some ridiculous hoops. Like export all your email from Windows Live Mail into a file, export all your contacts into a file, and then import those files into Outlook one at a time.

Importing your calendars is equally insane but the really stupid part of all this – there is no way that I can find; after searching for an hour or so, to be able to import your accounts into Outlook.

I’m sorry but that is totally insane. Given the number of email accounts that I have I do not want to sit there and re-enter all my accounts into Outlook. It’s bad enough having to jump through hoops to get all the other information transferred over but to make it impossible to move your accounts over is ridiculous.

Would it really be so hard Microsoft for you to make importing our data into Outlook from another one of your products a simple process?