Microsoft’s Cloud OS Has A Name – Maybe

I really appreciate those bloggers out there who have the infinite patience to go through screenshots, documentation, press releases and other such sundry items in order to dig up some tasty tidbits. It is because of this type of detective work from bloggers like Kit Org and Long Zhend that we find out the interesting, humourous or questionable things that are happening in the world of Microsoft and Windows.

The one thing that these bloggers know is that just before any of the major Microsoft events there is always some cool things to be dug up and in the lead up to this years PDC is no different.

One of the major announcements expected this year due to some prior clue dropping by Steve Ballmer in London is the arrival of Microsoft’s cloud OS. Up until now it has only been referred to as Windows Cloud but according to the PDC documentation there are several sessions that are going to be centered around something called Windows Strata. The obvious conclusion here if a play on words means anything is that Microsoft’s Cloud OS will come to market under the name – Windows Strata.