Microsoft & Windows Round-up - 26.05.2010

Microsoft & Windows Round-up – 26.05.2010

In an average day there is usually plenty of news that has to do with Microsoft and Windows but don’t really rate an individual post (or I don’t have time to cover them all). So starting today I’ll be taking all that news that happens during the day and wrap it all up in a round-up type post.


  • Microsoft’s real problem is Ballmer – Robert X. Cringely
    Whole lotta shakin’ coming from the Redmond, Wash., vicinity, and I’m not talking about an earthquake. Yesterday Steve Ballmer beheaded his president of entertainment and devices, 22-year-veteran Microsoftie Robbie Bach. Bach’s top design guy, J Allard, went with him, though Allard is apparently being kept on in some vague advisory capacity (probably to keep him out of the hands of Google).
  • T-Mobile boss stepping down, how about Microsoft next? – Brier Dudley
    Is it coincidental that T-Mobile USA Chief Executive Robert Dotson resigned the same day Microsoft abruptly had key openings in its Entertainment and Devices division?T-Mobile’s announcement said Dotson (below) will “transition to new opportunities in 2011.”
  • ServiceOS: Microsoft’s morphing browser-operating system project – Mary Jo Foley
    It’s been a while since Microsoft shared publicly anything new about its “Gazelle” browser research project. In checking up on Gazelle, I discovered a few interesting new tidbits, including its renaming (and expansion) into ServiceOS.
  • Boom, Indeed: Apple Passes Microsoft In Market Cap – TechCrunch
    Back in March, Microsoft was over $50 billion ahead of Apple in market cap. That gap was still huge, but it was the closest the two had been in that measurement of value in decades. The trend was clear: I predicted that Apple would pass Microsoft, it was only a matter of when.