Microsoft and Windows Round-up - 20.7.2010

Microsoft and Windows Round-up – 20.7.2010

Well the news about the pricing of the Kinect for Xbox 360 is out and if Twitter is any indication the kiddie contingent is a little upset. Too bad they don’t see the larger picture beyond their little ol’ Xboxees.



Windows Phone 7:

  • First screenshot of Windows Phone Live revealed – LiveSide
    Exactly one week ago, we told you about a new service coming to Windows Live which brings the world of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Live together – Windows Phone Live.
  • Windows Phone 7 VP Joe Belfiore In An Interview - WMPoweruser
    Seems everyone is getting some good time with Microsoft’s Windows Phone corporate VP, Joe Belfiore, and now Engadget has posted their interview with him.
  • Windows Phone Boot Camp – WMPoweruser
    Learning how to make Windows Phone applications, and other things seems to be a challenge for people like me that are to lazy.