Look Ma', No Eyes. Text and Type With BrailleTouch.

Look Ma’, No Eyes. Text and Type With BrailleTouch.

Talking while texting at the dinner table just got a hell of a lot less rude thanks to a new texting interface called BrailleTouch.

Introduced by Georgia Tech Fellow Mario Romero, BrailleTouch uses concepts behind writing Braille to create an eyes free texting experience. While the product is intended for the visually impaired, this could quite possible go mainstream as well. After all, it would be nice if I could email my clients during lecture without getting called out by my professor in front of 200 classmates.

So when can we use BrailleTouch in the real world? No dates have yet to be announced, but I wouldn’t put it too far off in the future. While the app currently only works on iOS devices, Mario Romero has stated they are actively developing for the Android platform as well.

Going the route of Android could prove to be a boon for BrailleTouch. After all, alternative keyboards are all the rage amongst hardcore Android fans. A keyboard that allows us Android freaks to debate how much iOS sucks while maintaining eye contact is a dream come true.

Childish fanboism aside, this new keyboard adopted correctly could seriously help Android devices differentiate themselves for consumers with special needs. Android is the only platform widely used that allows for such flexibility. It could prove that fragmentation isn’t too bad after all.

Oh, and did we mention BrailleTouch is open-source as well? Check out the video below: