It seems that Microsoft might be listening after all when it comes to Windows 8

It seems that Microsoft might be listening after all when it comes to Windows 8

Regardless of what have been said around the web or through marketing speak the fact was that once Windows 7 was made available at its early beta stage what you saw is what you were going to get. IT was made quite plain, for those that paid attention, that as far as the powers that be at Microsoft were concerned Windows 7 was feature complete and locked in by the beta stage.

This feeling was one that many felt would hold true for Windows 8 and the whole new user interface that was coming with it. However as Mary Jo Foley pointed out in a post following two very lengthy posts at the Building Windows 8 blog this may not be the case.

At this point the opinion regarding the new Start screen is still pretty divided. The division isn’t about the viability of the new user interface on things like tablets but rather its usefulness on the typical desktop, or laptop, environment. This has sparked a wide range of comments spread across the web and apparently folks at Microsoft are listening to them.

With regard to the main user experience, particularly Start, we’re noticing some themes in your comments. Will there be a way to close Metro style apps without going to Task Manager? (Yes there will be, but we also want to talk about why you probably won’t need to use it.) Are we going to do anything to make the mouse more efficient in scrolling through your programs in Start? (Yes, we’ll improve that experience, and show you much more in the beta.) Some of you have talked about it feeling less efficient to cycle through your recent programs compared to using the taskbar (and we’ll have more to say about that in future posts). There are other comments as well, and the point here is just to make sure you know we are aware of the questions.

It would seem by the answers from Chaitanya Sareen, program manager lead on Microsoft’s Core Experience Evolved team that nothing is set in stone at this point, and that we may actually see some changes between the recently released Developer Preview of Windows 8 and the upcoming Beta release.