Google's new font - Roboto

Gee, is Google suffering from a little bit of font envy?

Google's new font - Roboto
Google's new font - Roboto

One of the things that fans of Windows Phone really liked when it came to the Metro UI styling was the typography used. The specially designed version of the Segoe, called Segoe WP, that was first introduced in Office 2007 and is a variation of a font that was licensed from Agfa Monotype by Microsoft.

So it was rather interesting last night when Google was doing its reveal of the Android 4.0 operating system it just happened to mention that it to had come up with a custom font of its own. As you can see by the image at the top of the post Google has named it “Roboto”, which I guess is kind of fitting given the name of the mobile OS it is being used in.

Or as Google’s Matias Duarte phrased it:

How do we make Android enchanting? We start at the beginning with the words. Meet Roboto. It’s a totally new typeface for Android. Modern, yet approachable, and it was built from scratch for high definition paper density displays.

I will admit that it does look like a nice font.

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