Control Windows 8 With This Handy Android App [Video]

Control Windows 8 With This Handy Android App [Video]

I am not an Android user but if there ever was one single app that could get me to switch it would have to be this one. Called Windows 8 Controller it is an app that once installed on your Android smartphone and Windows 8 computer will let you use it as a “touchscreen” for your computer. You’ll be able to navigate through Windows 8 Start Screen by using your tablet or smartphone as a remote control.

For it to work you will need to install the server end of the software on your Windows 8 computer and then the app on your Android smartphone or tablet, like the Nexus 7, and connect them via the same WiFi network. At that point the two applications will sync up together and let you send your inputs from the mobile device to your PC. The remote control app supports the most common of the Windows 8 gestures, such as swiping down to close apps, swiping in from the right to show the Charms menu, and other mouse -like actions.

As well the app has special shortcuts to bring up things like a command prompt, control panel, volume control, task manager, and a virtual keyboard. There is a free version of the app that has limited features but the full app will only cost you $1.93 so really how can you go wrong.

The developer’s site says that there will be a Windows Phone version coming as well as one for the iPhone. I can hardly freaking wait.

Grab it here on Google Play and make sure to hit up the developer’s site for the other part of the package.

via Technology Tells