A backup util for Windows Live apps on Windows 7

logo_mbb02 One of my major complaints when it comes to things like Windows Live Mail and other programs in the Live family of applications is that Microsoft provided no way to create backups of their data. This is especially problematic when it comes to the email client – Windows Live Mail. There is is the Windows Transfer wizard which is meant for moving data from old machines to new ones and since I haven’t done anything like that I can speak much about it.

Unlike a few members of the WinExtra Community Forums I like the new Windows Live Mail and after spending years playing around with with various email clients – including GMail – I am more than happy with WLM, except the fact that there was now way to back up one’s data. This to me was a major failing on Microsoft’s part so it is nice to finally have found what appears to be a viable alternative courtesy of Nakodari at AddictiveTips.

The utility is call MailBrowserBackup and is written by Alessandro Marotta a student in Italy. The really nice thing about MBB is that it is a simple download, extract from zip and run – no install needed.

The interface is simple and divided into three parts.

1. Web browser profiles – this section will list all the web browsers installed and allow you to back up any profiles associated with them. It even included my install of Google Chrome which was nice to see.

2. Mail clients installed – this section will list all the mail clients installed and check which one’s you want to backup data for

3. Other profiles found – interesting enough it will list any profiles found for other programs found installed. In my case it found profiles for FileZilla and NotePad++


This is definitely a utility that you should have a serious look at especially if you use any of the Windows Live applications as it seems to be the only backup/restore util that will handle them – as far as I know of at this point.