Set In Stone

A powerful sculpture that I have no attribution for so if you know any information about it please let me know in the comments.

Update: thanks to Dennis Goedegebuure on Google+ for letting me know that this image is a part of the Holocaust monument in Miami. You can also see some more images courtesy of Dennis on his blog and I have added one of his photos to the post (hope you don’t mind Dennis).

Thanks Dennis.

via The Name In Laughter From The Hereafter

via Dennis Goedegeburre

One thought on “Set In Stone”

  1. This is part of the Holocaust monument in Miami.
    I took a number of pictures there, which can be found on my flickr photostream here:
    The picture you have posted here is so dramatic and real if you see it in real life, that it still make me shiffer and give me goose bumps.
    The monument in Miami is very impressive, and should be visited when you’re in Miami Beach to understand and feel what has happened in the Holocaust.
    There are Holocaust survivors at the site who give lectures.

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