Report: 61.5% Of All Web Traffic Is By Bots

Report: 61.5% Of All Web Traffic Is By Bots

We all know that those nasty bots are pretty prevalent on the web but I don’t think that anyone could have thought that bots outnumbered real human beings.

However a new report from Incapsula suggests that with this year’s increase of bot traffic, at 21%, the percentage of bot traffic is sitting at 61.5% of all website visitors. This doesn’t suggest that all the increase is attributed to bad bots when in fact the report suggests that good bots (certified agents of legit software etc); which increased from 20% to 31%, are responsible for the growth.

Here are a few more tidbits from the report:

  • 31% of bots are still malicious ones
  • Fewer spammers are among the bots counted
  • Evidence of more sophisticated hacker activity

DDoS attacks are evolving from volumetric Layer 3-4 to the more dangerous Layer 7 multi-vector attacks. You can read more about the report on the Incapsula site.

Report: 61.5% Of All Web Traffic Is By Bots

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