Razer's Project Christine Hits Me Right In The Drools [Video]

Razer’s Project Christine Hits Me Right In The Drools [Video]

I have just seen my future computer arise out of the boredom that is the Consumer Electronics Show of 2014 and Razer has begun to taunt my dreams with what has to be the most awesome computer, and I haven’t even been to sleep yet.

Called Project Christine (I wonder if she is any relation to Stephen King’s Christine?) it is a very ambitious project from a company that is known for – well – being ambitious. The project is an effort to bring the concept of a modular styled computer into the real world.

With Razer’s concept we have everything from tri-SLI GPU modules to a motherboard that has been dissected so that it can fit inside of the spine of the tower. AS well if you don’t like the LCD info screen on the module you can swap it for just a simple power button.

About the only part of Christine that is immutable is the tower design and modular approach, apparently everything else is open for swapping as you please.

Of course Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan is quick to make it clear that this is just a concept project that they are showing off at CES 2014 and not necessarily something that will make it to market. Hmm I remember them saying the same sort of thing at CES 2013 when they showed off Project Fiona (which hit the market this year as the Razer Edge) so here’s hoping that this moves beyond the weep and drool stage.

Here’s some more images to taunt you with and a short teaser video.

via Kilabytes / Engadget / Razer