Turntable.fm Gets Legal - Who Cares.

Turntable.fm Gets Legal – Who Cares.

I remember when word of a really cool new service called Turntable.fm started making the rounds of Twitter and after trying it out I really liked what I saw but then when I went to refresh the page the infamous geotarding kill switch kicked in and as a Canadian I could no longer access the service.

For those of you not familiar with it Turntable.fm is a really cools music streaming that lets you create a music room of your own and create music mixes of your favorite music to share with everyone else that has joined your music room. Additionally you could have up to five additional people join in as DJ and see who could mix better music.

Of course the first question that popped in to most tech bloggers was – is this legal and how long before the music companies shut it down. The answer seemed – in the US at least – that everything would be cool as long as Turntable.fm could cut licencing deals with the music industry. The rest of the worls however was going to be shit out of luck.

Well it seems, according to a post by Drew Olanoff at The Next Web, that the deals have been cut and the ink is dry, which means that Turntable.fm is free to do business – in the US.

The rest of us get this:

So really as cool as this might be I have only one thing to say….