Microsoft please move OneNote to Live services

One of the other little tidbits in a recent post by Mini-Microsoft that really caught my eye was where he suggested that Microsoft consider taking their OneNote application out of the Office suite and make it part of the Windows Live Essentials package (emphasis mine).

It’s a fair start, and if I had my druthers OneNote would move out of Office and into Windows Live to be the essential authoring companion to the Windows experience. Windows Live Essentials is a good start, but to add some joy into owning a Windows machine, what we need just as urgently is Windows Live Non-Essentials.

In my opinion this would be one of the best additions to Live Essentials that Microsoft could make. I have used OneNote in the past but since I can’t afford the price of admission for Office I haven’t been able to keep using it.

For those who don’t know what OneNote is let’s put it this way – it is one of the best note keeping applications out there. When it first one_noteappeared on the scene it was a radical departure from the typical Microsoft application design which got it some attention but like Live Writer it’s pure usefulness made it a keeper.

By adding it as a part of the Windows Live Essentials suite Microsoft would be letting a whole bunch of new folks in on using one of their other really great programs – and that would be a bonus for everyone.