Microsoft needs to be chewed up and spit out…

Blue Monster Whether it be Mini-Microsoft having a summer evening rant-fest about shareholder apathy and the willingness to lay down billion after billion as the cost of XBox problems or making up for the delays of Vista; or whether it is people like Steve Clayton who believe that Microsoft will be saved from the inside because of the Blue Monster, it is abundantly clear that something very serious needs to be done with the upper echelons of a monolith corporation.

While Robert Scoble on one hand tells how in the wake of the iPhone release that Microsoft still outplays Apple, he  on the other hand is dismayed at the abandoning of the HMS Microsoft by its top designers.

What does all of the above suggest? …. Well how about this .. the executive of Microsoft is screwed up. Even though Steve Clayton believes that the company can be saved from within by the very workers that give it it’s life blood the fact is they can believe in as many Blue Monster’s as they like it doesn’t change the fact that people like Steve Ballmer are still running – if you can call it that anymore – the company.

Microsoft is stagnating regardless of the profits it is banking due to its gouging of the OS and corporate markets. “Baldy” Ballmer may be yelling like a fool in sweat stained shirts that it’s all about the developers but that only applies to those working with corporations or have very deep pockets. Sure single percentage points in the search marketplace maybe worth billions but anyone who thinks that Microsoft even ranks as a has-been in the search and advertising marketplace has been drinking too much Baldy kool-aid.

The time is coming very quickly where Microsoft is going to have to do something incredible, something that will shake up the whole company and in the process do the same to software and the internet . The MS shareholders may be a seeming uncaring bunch but I would bet dollars to donuts that the point is coming where they are going to finally demand an accounting of the current MS management. when that inevitably happens no Blue Monster is gonna save Baldy’s ass from getting a very large bite taken out if it.

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