Microsoft needs an intervention

We're coming to save you Microsoft At some point you have to really feel for the Microsoft employees who care about the company and are passionate about the products they are responsible for. There comes a point though where even the most passionate employee must begin to wonder why they are bothering. With Ballmer leading the company on the fool’s errand of trying to pull off a merger of Microsoft and Yahoo much is being made of trying to create some kind of synergy and blending of two different corporate cultures with the incoming Yahoo employees. What isn’t being talked about that much is how are the Microsoft employees reacting to all of this.

In a post today Mary Jo Foley does indeed talk about just this and take away on it from what she has been able to find out isn’t very good. With some Microsoft employees looking to move into any newly created Yahoo related teams as soon as they can to other employees pointing fingers at badly managed sections of the company the internal picture isn’t looking very good to say the least.

As Mary Jo quotes one anonymous source as telling her

“No one wants it (the Microsoft-Yahoo merger) to happen. The only reason it’s being considered is that the management of Windows Live has been so ineffective that they can’t ship anything worth using. They are consistently behind what consumers want, and unlike the old Microsoft, they are so poorly managed that they can’t even copy everyone else. “

My feeling though is that as bad as the internal conflicts are for Microsoft it is only a smaller part of a much larger problem with the company.