iPhone Siri ad versus Microsoft's Techno Dad .. really Microsoft this is the best you can do?

iPhone Siri ad versus Microsoft’s Techno Dad .. really Microsoft this is the best you can do?

Over the years there has been a fairly serious, although sometime tongue in cheek attitude, competition when it comes to the advertising from Apple and the attempts from Microsoft.

For the most part the tries from Microsoft have either bordered on dorky to corporate blandness, whereas Apple’s ads have always been … well .. Apple.

Even now with each companies out there trying to promote new products Apple still has a better grip in my opinion on what makes effective ads that appeal to people. Whereas Microsoft is still coming off looking like it is trying to be cool but an’t seem to get it, so instead we get some 50-year-old in a shirt and tie trying to do a dubstep, or something, and looking like an idiot in the processes.

But you judge for yourself and tell me is I’m wrong.

Here’s the newest ad from Apple showing off Siri on the iPhone 4S

Now here’s some old dude doing a dubstep, or something.

I don’t proclaim to know what the solution is for Microsoft and its inane attempts at consumer advertising but I don’t think this is it.