I was wrong, and gladly so

I was wrong, and gladly so

In case you hadn’t notice today Microsoft has managed to pull off what many people, myself included, thought would be impossible - the global roll-out of the Mango update for Windows Phone.

With the exception of of Spain, and a few models of Windows Phone on some carriers, Mango started rolling out around the world starting at 10:00AM PST and so far I have not seen a single report of any problems. None. Nada.

This is a far cry from the fiasco that was the NoDo update release and something that I didn’t think would happen. In fact I have written a number of times, and talked about on the podcast, how I thought that as much as Microsoft might have good intentions when it came to getting the Mango update out smoothly I didn’t think that it would happen.

My reasons for this was that having a smooth roll-out for all Windows Phone users required the participation of the carriers and given their penchant for dragging their feet when it comes to updating anything I didn’t believe that the Mango roll-out would be any different.

Well, I was wrong.

Where I thought that the carriers would do everything that they could to delay the roll-out they have instead, along with Microsoft, proven that it is possible to roll-out a major update to a mobile platform in one simple worldwide flip of the switch.

Congratulations Microsoft, you’ve proven the next to impossible can be achieved; and I am more than happy that I have been proven wrong.