Hey Microsoft, it’s shit like this that makes you look stupid

We first heard about ‘CES Chet’ via Tom Warren at Winrumors and even then it seemed like a really stupid idea.

Microsoft has brought in a “creative content coach” in preparation for Steve Ballmer’s big CES keynote on January 5.

Chet Logothestian, a self confessed content coach, has been hired by the software giant to help Steve Ballmer make the most of his CES keynote next week. Ballmer is expected to unveil a number of new Windows based Slate devices including a future device that runs on a new version of Windows that supports ARM chips. Logothestian is due to meet with Ballmer tomorrow to “coach” the less than shy CEO.

Except that ‘Chet’ doesn’t exist. It is part of a PR stunt from Microsoft to supposedly drum interest in the company’s CES plans. A stupid as the idea is it has turned totally moronic with a video released today featuring ‘Chet’!

And Microsoft wonders why people say and write the things that they do.

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6 thoughts on “Hey Microsoft, it’s shit like this that makes you look stupid”

  1. Actually I kind of like the idea…but then again I liked the “Thriller” parade a month or so ago. For those who complain that Steve Ballmer is no Steve Jobs…what if their wishes became true and Ballmer became Jobs? To me, it sounds like a little fun before the meat of the CES announcements is shared.

    1. I liked that one to and I do believe I said so at the time (hell I even liked the Bill & Jerry ads). I don’t want Ballmer to be a Jobs clown but I still think the company needs a better ‘consumer’ face for events like this.

  2. I think you need to lighten up a little, Microsoft has a history of creating fun videos to show at conferences. Just go on Youtube and watch some of the classics, like Bill Gates last day, and many others.

    No need to over react or over analyze these videos, it’s meant to make you smile.

    1. Maybe so. It just bugs me that they start doing stuff that is getting good press and then they do something that we all know will have people with bigger voices than mine making fun of them, or worse.

      1. Steve, with both know no matter what microsoft does the tech blogs are going to make fun and find fault. This is why i come to your site, because you guys do a good job making these bloggers look stupid.

        This is just Microsoft having some fun, i for one find it entertaining.

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