Next Up For The International Space Station - Making Its Own Booze

Next Up For The International Space Station – Making Its Own Booze

While it isn’t a question that has been high on my list of “must find the answer” it seems that one Scottish whiskey distillery wants to find out a very important question on behalf of mankind – does zero gravity make alcohol taste better?

To find out the Ardbeg Distillery, which has been making whiskey since 1798 on the Scottish island of Islay, managed to get NASA and the International Space Agency to go along with an interesting experiment.

In a recent cargo transfer to the ISS there were some basic components of what was needed to make their whisky. The cargo included compounds of unmatured malt and particles of charred oak. Apparently the idea it so find out if these complex molecules can interact in zero gravity.

The distillery teamed up with the Houston-based NanoRacks, which is overseeing the ISS research. This is the first known experiment on how molecules like terpenes interact in zero-G conditions, and certainly the first one that might lead to better booze. It’s hoped that the experiments will ultimately have applications in everything from foods to perfumes, although Ardbeg is obviously focused on how this new insight into molecular behavior could improve their own maturation processes

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Can you image how much a bottle of whiskey that has been distilled on the ISS would be worth?