NASA Re-creates Apollo 8 Earthrise For Our Enjoyment [Video]

NASA Re-creates Apollo 8 Earthrise For Our Enjoyment [Video]

Every time I hear of another budget crunch coming NASA’s way I cringe because while it may seem on the surface that the organization is suppose to be about America’s space exploration efforts (ya .. right) they do so much more that doesn’t get recognized.

The advancement of science in general benefits all the time from work done by NASA but so does our own personal knowledge of what is out there beyond our own very frail world. Even through things like their Astronomical Image of the Day we get to see the wonder of what is out there in space and learn more about our place in it.

One of the more amazing images of all time is the famous “Earthrise” picture that was photographed on December 24, 1968, by the Apollo 8 astronauts that had landed on the moon. To help bring that event to life NASA took topographical data from their LRO spacecraft.

Enjoy an awesome moment in our short space history.

via SlashGear