Microsoft working on creating the Star Trek Holodeck

Microsoft working on creating the Star Trek Holodeck

It seems that Microsoft has gotten itself another patent and while this might not seem like much in this day where it seems that even sniffles could be patented this one looks to be rather interesting.

Once you get past the mouthful of a title – Method and Apparatus for Providing a Three-Dimensional Task Gallery Computer Interface – one’s attention might be caught by the reference to 3D interface and think that this is just another attempt at creating a 3D desktop UI.

Except that it isn’t.

Unlike other attempts Microsoft is proposing a three dimensional space that includes a real feeling of depth. It isn’t so much navigating in a three dimensional desktop but rather as an actual place.

The patent drawings included this one where you are the person in the lower left hand corner

This would be very much how something like the Star Trek holodeck would work but as cool as this sounds I’m not sure how practical it would be when it comes to our day to day work.


via Technology Review