Is there a new Zune HD on our horizon?

“The big brown brick”.

That is what the first Zune media player was often referred to as. Then when the Zune HD was released it was generally well received, even by tech pundits who had previously discounted the original Zune.

Either way, the tech world has been more than willing to proclaim the Zune and Zune HD as yet additional Microsoft failures. There have been a few of us though, that haven’t been so quick to throw the Zune to the wolves. Especially considering that the Zune user interface appears to have been the beginning point of the Metro UI, which is helping to propel Windows Phone 7 as a viable smartphone competitor.

Other than Paul and myself here at WinExtra, we have had a number of posts from knowledgeable Microsoft watchers, like Mary Jo Foley, who have been suggesting that we could actually see a new version of the Zune early in 2011.

Not only have jobs been posted in an effort to find hardware designers for a new Zune, but Microsoft is beginning to advertise the Zune HD with Best Buy, a major U.S. electronics retailer. In line with this Tom Warren at WinRumors (an excellent site you should be follow) has a new commercial airing on the Zune site.

5 thoughts on “Is there a new Zune HD on our horizon?”

    1. Oh I’m not saying it was a failure but if you read the larger tech blogosphere all you hear when the Zune is mentioned is derision. Personally I would love to have one but it’s not in my budget at this point.

    2. While an OLED screen is a very good thing, having one doesn’t guarantee success, any more than *not* having one is the mark of sure failure – just look at the iPod Touch or the iPhone… neither has an OLED screen, yet they most certainly are successful, Heaven knows why ;)

  1. In truth, the Zune will likely never gain large numbers against the iPOds, but this does represent a full approach for them. Zune music playback on Bing Searches, the Zune PC software, Zune HD, Windows Phone, new XBOX implemtnation of the music + movies, it’s everywhere now.

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