If Windows Phone 7 numbers are silly then Android and iPhone numbers are crap

If Windows Phone 7 numbers are silly then Android and iPhone numbers are crap

One of the subjects that Paul and I were talking about in today’s Daily Brief; before Skype went totally tits-up (and still is), was the fuss being raised around the released numbers for Windows Phone 7 Sales.

At this point the number being floated around is 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets being sold, which of course has brought out all the naysayers and otherwise stupid posts (yes Scoble I am looking at you). Mary Jo Foley in her typical fashion did her best to present an even keel post on the numbers but it was a post by the team at WMPoweruser caught my eye.

The reason it caught my eye is because it raises a point that I have continually wondered about; and that being the incredible numbers being bragged about when it come to Android and iPhone.

Contrast this to how most of the same sites gleefully reported, and continue to report the 40,000 sales number by thestreet.com, as a sign of doom for the OS. Come to think of it, how come nobody ever questions Android’s highly touted 300,000 daily activations? This means that every month, there are (300000*30) 9 million newly activated Android devices or 27 million every quarter. Is there any independent data source that corroborates this other than Google? Same can be said about the iPhone’s 230,000 daily activations.

As Paul pointed out; before Skype puked on us, that going by these numbers it means that 200 million + people are activating smartphones per year. Which means that over the life-cycle of 3 to 4 years means some 600 million Android and iPhone smartphones have been sold and activated.

Seriously … 600 million?

Who are these 530,000 people activating new smartphones each and every day?

Who is coming up with these numbers? Which independent company is the one keeping track of all these sales .. where is the actual third party verifiable data that these android and iPhone numbers are valid by any stretch of the imagination.

If the tech pundits are so willing to question the veracity Windows Phone 7 sales, or distribution, numbers why isn’t there the same transparency when it comes to numbers being bandied by Android and Apple.

Not to mention – where is the logic or common sense to question the absolutely silliness of these numbers?