Finally the definitive answer from Microsoft about who controls Windows Phone updates

In the lead up to the full availability of Windows Phone 7 handsets one of the questions that was being asked was who controlled the updating of Windows Phone 7. The answers when we got them were often conflicting with one answer being that Microsoft controlled them and then the next time it was the carriers that controlled it.

Well Ed Bott has finally had the chance to get the official stance on this from Microsoft.

Although I’ve asked the question many times over the past year when I’ve met with individuals on the Windows Phone team, I’ve never had an official response. So I asked again, on the record, and got a definitive response: If Microsoft releases an update for your phone, you get it. Period.

The official response from Microsoft, on the record:

Microsoft will push Windows Phone 7 software updates to end users and all Windows Phone 7 devices will be eligible for updates.

No equivocation, no qualifiers. And because of Microsoft’s strict control over the hardware standard we’re unlikely to see oddball hardware configurations that don’t qualify for OS upgrades.

So there you have it folks. No carrier interference with updating Windows Phone 7, when there is an update from Microsoft it will get pushed out to everyone.

Thanks Ed.

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