Don’t let camping put a damper on your gadget love thanks to this clever portable charging unit [Video]

We joke a lot about how geeks are a pale shade of white because we never go outside and do things like camping. Well, there’s a good reason for that and it’s all about battery life, our gadget’s battery life to be specific.

You see there is nothing worse than coming across a geek in the fetal position in the middle of a forest trail blubbering about dead batteries and blank screens. So rather than tempt fate the geeks stay safe, sound and close to their rechargers.

Well my fellow geeks prepare your sunscreen and antihistamines because the BioLite CampStove is coming to our rescue and to lead us out of the darkness of our basements and into the blinding daylight of Mother Nature.

You see the BioLite CampStove serves two purposes – to provide bodily warmth and wilderness cooking surface; and glory unto glory it is also a portable charging unit for your gadgets.

How can this be you ask .. well:

Well, the thermal energy of the fire delivers power to fans inside the stove through a thermoelectric module. These fans blow air on the fire to improve combustion, which in turn creates excess energy. A USB port delivers the extra energy generated by the fire for charging devices such as smartphones, LED lights, or GPS units.

via CNET

Now no pushing folks as you head out to order your own BioLite CampStove for $129, no pushing .. be polite.

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