Computer Man-Caves That Make This Writer Drool And Cry

Ever since I first managed to start using a dual monitor setup I was hooked and really couldn’t see myself returning for any long period of time to some piddly laptop or tablet screen especially considering my workflow.

There are time that I wish I could even expand beyond those two monitors but that probably won’t happen for some time. So, like you I will have to make do with this awesome collection of computer man-caves with screens galore and make sure my drool towel is close at hand.

Thanks to the team at Caveman Circus for putting together a nice collection of which the above are my favorites.

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59 thoughts on “Computer Man-Caves That Make This Writer Drool And Cry”

    1.  @dampes8n I’m just gonna say you might want to check your google search bar…..YEAHHHHH but cool screen :D lmao

      1. @dramaticleo @dampes8n Completely intentional. There are other things like that throughout. Can you spot them all?

    1. the bottom left is On VGA which is a mac Mini, I just use it for iphone development.. But normally its on DVI which is the fourth windows monitor all screens display 1920 * 1080.
      Its an
      i7 2600k,
      5 TBs of HD space,
      16 Gigs of 1600 ddr 3 ram,
      2  ATI 5870 Eyefinity 6 in crossfire…  each card can handle 6 monitors although not now since they are in crossfire to share performance.

      1. iphone development, tell me why the F*** my 4s is bein junk and not connecting to wifi, sluggish and p.o.s after that jackass update. Consistently restarts or simply wont register IM TAPPING TURN WIFI ON…sry lost it there. Plz restore my faith in this what I thought was not garbage

  1. Now how much better would the world be if some of the snobby entitled nuts with these setups had donated some of that money to charity instead of trying to impress their friends with a few cool-ass shiny lights?

    1.  @PresserAdam It’s their money they should be able to do whatever they wan with it. How do you know they don’t donate to charity?   I can’t afford anything like that either but I don’t expect people who work for their money to not enjoy spending it on themselves. You sound like a typical liberal asshole.

      1. PresserAdam’s point was completely invalid, but yours became invalid as soon as you came out with “typical liberal asshole.” You sound like you have a politics obsession that invades other areas of your life and makes things more difficult.

    2. you act like these set-ups cost billions of dollars, quit being a cry baby if you’re jealous just admit it you don’t have to say they have 3 monitors they must be evil bad wasteful people.

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  3. Because you are obviously not a nerd and do not know that with multiple screens you can switch back and fourth between games or internet pages at the same time. Duhh….

  4. Completely love the setups, some are a bit awkward like the one with the PS3 screen way up high.. Unplayable if you ask me – you’ll hurt your neck! Would love if someone sold me a setup like that through my gadget selling website: if you would like to get rid of your man cave setup!

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