And on the ZuneHD front we have ….

zunehd First up from Steve Clayton we have the news that the Zune HD website has been updated and you apparently can pre-order your very own right now. At $289.99 for the 32Gig and $219.99 for the 16Gig that almost makes them approachable for me except I’ll have to wait until they hit a real retail chain or somewhere that will accept PayPal.

Next we find out from Brooke Crothers at cnet News that this next version of the media player is going to be packing one hellva processor to help run all the goodness coming our way.

Microsoft’s Zune HD will use one of the most powerful chips to go into a portable media player yet: Nvidia’s multicore Tegra processor.

Tegra packs two processor cores based on intellectual property from U.K.-based chip designer ARM. One is the main processor–based on the ARM11 core–which runs the operating system. Tegra’s defining feature, however, is an additional Nvidia GeForce graphics chip.

Nice stuff.

Brier Dudley teases us with this nice side shot of the Zune showing off the “hello from seattle” tagline that has been attached to the Zune. He also makes mention about something to do with “Apps” but leaves us hanger at that point


And finally from Mr. Fireball, John Gruber, we get some more teasing about Apps for the ZuneHD

After my post, I got an email from the developer of an iPhone Twitter client. He was contacted by Microsoft a few months ago, with an offer to port his app to the Zune in exchange for “a bucket of money”. He turned them down, but assumes, as I do, that Microsoft reached out to the developers of multiple popular iPhone apps.

My source is certain the offer was for the Zune, but because he turned it down early on, he doesn’t know the details regarding the OS or SDK. If any other iPhone developers have gotten a similar pitch from Microsoft,

All I can say is I would love to have one of those to play with for a little while – well actually a very long while but at this point it’s just a little out of my price range.