Hand Forged Wedding Ring Made Out Of A Meteorite [Pics]

So, you think you’re romantic eh, Gone out and spent a whole wad of money on just the perfect wedding ring for that loved one in your life that you want to share¬†solemn vows of love and marriage with.

Well let me tell you, you’ve got a long way to go in the romantic department when compared to redditor Laporkenstein, and good luck trying to one-up him.

You see this fellow decided that he wanted to make the ring himself, and not just out of any old material. No, he decided that if this was going to be done right then it had to be done with a chunk of meteorite – a Gibeon meteorite at that.

Here’s a gallery of pictures taken of the three day process of turning a meteorite into a wedding ring but he has a lot more images for you to check out, just in case you want to try and one-up him.

via io9

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