Free DLC For Mass Effect 3 Coming April 10 [Video]

Free DLC For Mass Effect 3 Coming April 10 [Video]

Unless you have had your head stuck under a rock since the release of Mass Effect 3 you’ll know about the uproar about how the game ended spread across the Internet, and you will have also heard that BioWare said that they were going to try and make everyone happy through an upcoming DLC (downloadable content).

Well it looks like they are going to be keeping word because we have a new video that has just hit the web from BioWare that announces the new DLC – Resurgence Pack – with a walk through of new classes, new maps (2 of them), and some new guns.

The DLC will be available on April 10 and will be free to download.

Here’s some additional images from the video.

Here’s the video for you enjoyment.

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