Awesome Portal 2 Soundtrack Available For Free

Awesome Portal 2 Soundtrack Available For Free

Here’s one for the Portal 2 fans out there, but don’t let that stop you if you aren’t (which I’m not) as the soundtrack for Portal 2 is full of awesome techno and electronica music.

What is even better is that Valve has made it totally free to download.

The complete soundtrack is a total of 64 tracks that has been split into three separate albums and full of excellently composed and eclectic tunes that play beautifully in the background as you are working, or just chillin’ . I’m just part way through listening to the first album and already like everything that I have heard so if you love the game or enjoy electronica music then do yourself a favor – get the music now.

Oh and they also have a whole selection of ringtones from each of the three albums that are also free to download.

You’re still here?

via PikiGeek