Augmented reality used in a wearable guidance system [Video]
A wearable augmented reality guidance system

Augmented reality used in a wearable guidance system [Video]

The other day I wrote about the robot that can control human action via electronic impulse and as interesting, and possibly scary depending on your tinfoil hat size, as that was we have news today that the Japanese (why am I not surprised) have come up with a wearable augmented reality guidance system.

Say what you ask?

Yes folks you will soon be able to direct your minions using nothing more than a pair of holographic hands thanks to an augmented reality guidance system created by AIST and Professor Maeda at Osaka University.

I’m bettin your are thinking that this is going to be expensive and cumbersome right?

Wrong. they are doing this with nothing more than a head mounted display. a Panasonic laptop and an HD camera. You know, pretty much stuff you can buy off the shelf at Best buy or something.

Check it out for yourself because this is actually kind of neat.