Aperture's Portal Gun Gets Steampunked

Aperture’s Portal Gun Gets Steampunked

What originally started out as a simple project for a Halloween costume ended up be being a much longer project by deviantART member Batman-N-Bananas to create a steampunk version of the famous Portal Gun from the video game Portal.

The project which ended up taking 2 to 3 months and is made totally out of found objects. Here is the list if ingredients to the best of her memory.

  • 2 antique clock movements
  • 1 +1/2 hangers
  • MEtal teapot stand
  • plastic mechano
  • plumbing parts
  • 1 plant pot
  • 1 hair gel pot
  • various lids
  • plastic tub
  • plastic tubing
  • lots and lots of nuts and bolts
  • miniature storage box for the batteries
  • pocket laser disc
  • 3 lightbulbs
  • cardboard tube
  • metal covering from an old hairbrush
  • AV socket
  • and lots of Superglue

And here is the final result for you to enjoy.

via Obvious Winner