White screen privacy

An ultimate privacy hack – just requires a monitor and 3D glasses [Video]

It should go without saying that a hack like this one requires some pretty hefty hardware hacking abilities, well at least way beyond what I have; but if you are looking for what has to be a pretty awesome way to ensure your privacy from people snooping your monitor then this should be right up your alley.

This comes from Instructables’ dimovi, which should be your first indication of how ‘hardware oriented’ this hack is going to be, and involves cutting out the polarized film from an LCD and removing the screen’s film adhesive; using a combination of cleaner and paint thinner, and then reassembling the monitor.

Then once you have done that take the 3D glasses, cut out the lenses, combine them with the plastic film taken from the LCD monitor, and then finally put them back in the frames.

After all this what you end you with is an LCD monitor that displays a white screen until you put on the glasses. Yes really.

See for yourself if you don’t believe me, and then head to Instructables for the how-to.

via Engadget

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