A 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider: The Rarest Of The Rare Up For Auction [Video]

To give you an idea of just how rare this 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider is there is just two of them that have ever been built and this one is going up for auction next month At RM’s Monaco event.

This car is considered by car enthusiasts to be one of the most attractive cars Ferrari ever built.

The car – Chassis Number 0680 MDTR – was purchased in unrestored condition back in 1982 by its current owner and then lovely and completely restored. The V12 was also rebuilt and features some additional horsepower over the standard horsepower.

It is estimated that the car could reach $4.8 million when auctioned off with some suggesting that the price could go even higher.

Enjoy the video because this is about as close as you or I will probably ever get to something this classic and beautiful.

via Jalopnik

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