36 Million Faces Searched In One Second For Matches [Video]

36 Million Faces Searched In One Second For Matches [Video]

One of the big discussion going on right now when it comes to big data is our ability to be able to pull relevant data from that huge amount of collected data.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric has come up with with a new surveillance camera that deals with that issue when it comes to being able to search for for faces. The new camera can examine the footage that contains an image of someone – either video or still – and then search other video and still images stored somewhere for other instances of that same face.

This new technology is able search, process, and display up to 36 million faces within just one second.

As one example, if a person walks into a convenience store and robs the cashier, if his or face is captured by a video camera, police could use that imagery to search for that same face in prior video recorded by the store to see if that person has been to the store before, and if so, if they left any clues as to who they might be, by say, using a credit card to pay for purchase. Similarly, the same face could be searched in a much larger database of still or video that the police have stockpiled from surveillance cameras from other places, allowing them to see, almost instantly, if that person has been caught on tape at any other point in time doing anything that might help lead to an arrest, such as trying to pawn stolen merchandise. Perhaps more interestingly, the system can be used to scan for that face in a large crowd. It will look at each individual face in every scene in a video for a match.

via PhysOrg

This much faster and more accurate method could eventually replace the current method of having to have someone manually shift through video and still images to identify someone. Hitachi says they should have a product ready for market by the end of the next fiscal year.