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Winextra | April 25, 2014

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Steve Jobs

Seems Like Batman Took Parking Lessons From Steve Jobs

January 19, 2013 |

This was posted to Craigslist with no explanation. Now some might suggest that Steve took lessons from Batman but  with both being heroes they couldn’t care less. via JalopnikRead More

Jobs Biographer Says Steve Jobs Was Seriously Pissed – Not “For Show”

April 5, 2012 |

Jobs’s Biographer to Page: What Part of “I’m Going to Destroy Android” Didn’t You Understand? – AllThingsD “[Apple's iOS] is almost copied verbatim by Android,” Isaacson said as reported by Macworld UK. “And then they licence it around promiscuously. And then Android starts surpassing Apple in market share, and this totally infuriated [Steve]. It wasn’t a [...]Read More

Co-Founder Of Siri Says Jobs Didn’t Like The Name

March 28, 2012 |

Siri co-founder: Steve Jobs didn’t care for the name Siri – VentureBeat During his discussions with Apple, he pushed to keep the name even though Jobs wanted to use something else. After failing to find an alternative, Siri ended up being the name of Apple’s new virtual assistant in the iPhone 4S. As Network World notes, [...]Read More

Steve Jobs? You’re doing it wrong [Pic]

February 23, 2012 |

I realize a lot of people and companies want to emulate Apple and Steve Jobs but somehow, just somehow, I don’t think this is going to work the way that they had hoped.Read More

Steve Jobs and Apple, an interview with Adam Lashinsky at LinkedIn’s inDay [Video]

January 29, 2012 |

While I may not be the biggest fan of Apple the company I have an immense respect for Steve Jobs and the amazing things he did to and for the company. Read More

Hello Kitty doll maker brings you: Hello Steve

January 2, 2012 |
Hello Steve Jobs Doll Concept

Hello Steve Jobs Doll Concept

I’m not sure that having one’s memory and accomplishments embodied in a Hello Kitty style doll is something that Steve Jobs would think is a great idea.

However Sanrio the makers of the Hello Kitty doll and the culprit to the ruination of our society with all that pink eye pollution has decided to work on creating a similarly styled doll to remember Steve Jobs by. It’s only  a concept apparently as you can see from the drawing, that they claim will be a homage to the late Apple leader. Read More

Jobs was the one who stole the television says Gates

October 24, 2011 | 4

There is no doubt that following this past weekend’s 60 Minutes show and the release of the official biography we are going to be hearing a lot of “Jobs quotes” from all over the place. While his biography isn’t on my must read list I can’t resist sharing this one quote that was part of a larger Bill Gates – Steve Jobs post on CNN Money.

One of the things that Gates is consistently accused of is being unimaginative and that he ripped off Jobs and Apple for the graphic user interface idea. This apparently led to a meeting between the two men, well at least  Bill Gates and Jobs with ten executives watching from the sidelines; and is quoted from the book. Read More

When it came to “business” Jobs wasn’t that different than Gates

October 18, 2011 |

There is a lot of press written about how different the two men who forever changed our computing world were. I am of course referring to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and how each of them has two totally different ideas of how computers and the people who used them should interact.

But, when it comes down to business were the men really that different?

Of course much of Bill Gates’ thoughts and behaviors regarding the business of computers and software is well documented but what about Steve Jobs? Read More