Join the WinExtra donation drive and win a chance for some free Steam games

Join the WinExtra donation drive and win a chance for some free Steam games

Contrary to what some people might think running a blog, especially a tech news oriented blog, isn’t a cheap proposition. Not everyone of us has access to all the free goodies that get thrown around the tech blogosphere for people to review. Then there is the cost of hosting and the growing number of subscriptions to services that are an increasing part of running a blog.

They all take money and while there is a common belief that we are all rolling in money due to advertising the truth is that very few blogs make enough from advertising to pay even the minimum of bills. This becomes even more difficult the more niche your blog becomes, and let’s face it how niche can you get than being a blog the concentrates exclusively on Microsoft and Windows.

So we decided to try something a little different here at WinExtra when it comes to raising money to pay the bills; and give our readers a chance to win cool stuff. You you look over on the right side bar you will notice just under the area where you can subscribe to WinExtra a section titled Show WinExtra some love… This is our donation form where you can make a donation to WinExtra; but not all of the money goes to us – and this is where it gets fun.

You see for every dollar you donate 50¢ goes to WinExtra and 50¢ goes into the prize pool. For each dollar you donate you will have that many entries in a chance to win what goodies we have selected for the current donation round.

In this case the total amount we are trying to raise is $250.00 of which $120.00 will be split between two winners of the draw which they can spend on Steam buying games of their choice. The remainder of the money will be used by WinExtra to get one of us a Windows Phone 7 (with carrier contract) so that we can do some actual hands on posts about everything from the handset to apps.

The reason for this as the first choice is that to be honest we aren’t on the radar of people like Microsoft or the handset makers so unlike the big boys we don’t just get the new toys handed to us – we need to actually pay for them. On top of that no-one involved with WinExtra in rolling in cash so we need to find more creative ways to finance things like handsets, tablets etc that we can then review; honestly and objectively, for our readers.

So if you like the content you find here at WinExtra and want to help us grow; and have the chance to win some cool stuff, then please consider heading over to the donation form on the right side of the page and make a donation.

Every little bit helps and we appreciate every donation – no matter how small or large.