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Winextra | April 24, 2014

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R’ha – A Short Sci-Fi Film That Could Make Hollywood Jealous [Video]

R’ha – A Short Sci-Fi Film That Could Make Hollywood Jealous [Video]
  • On January 11, 2013

What if, instead of man versus robots it was an alien life form that was attacked by the robotic life that they had created?

This is the premise behind an awesome short science fiction film called R’ha that was directed and animated by 22-year-old Kaleb Lechowski and I gotta tell you Kaleb could teach Hollywood a thing or two.

R’ha is definitely one of those short films that should have the big budget boys drooling and bidding like crazy to get their hands on this film and the talented Kaleb.

UPDATE: As we hoped for it seems that R’ha has been picked up by Hollywood.

via Geek Tyrant


  1. flynnser

    Brilliant! Would really like to see this in the cinema BIG SCREEN!

  2. viewer

    awesome short film, but all i can think about is the super anticlimactic sound when he pulls off the robot head, like the sound of an automatic door opening or something.

  3. really great. super imaginative.

  4. vas

    um…. i need to know what happens next…

  5. Great photos…great color, thanks!

  6. The graphics are astounding. The greatest part is the story. It has SO much potential. I will keep watch for a developments on this.

    • Harley

      I highly doubt there will ever be more added to this. It seems it was more of a “Here, see how good i am?” short film for a company he was trying to get with.

  7. CGI that ADDS to the story, AND a story? I say good day sir.

  8. timat

    looks great, but reminds me of Battlestar

  9. lllsondowlll

    for a single person, this is incredibly impressive however I would not say this could make Hollywood jealous. The CGI mimics that of a game cutscene at best. Also the AI dialog reminds me something from the old lost in space episodes. Lines such as “Initializing killing protocol” kind of take away from the immersion. An advanced AI wouldn’t announce every action as a protocol just as you don’t walk around and say “I’m about to talk to you” before talking to a person. Also there could have been more thought put into to the dialog along the lines of substituting the word “killing protocol” such as a more cold and machine like line such as termination. Now my criticism isn’t towards the short film itself because I am simply amazed at the amazing quality of one 22 year old CGI artist can do at a young age, by himself. However my criticism is present in the essence of the title of this article, I do not see anything here that exceeds today’s Hollywood CGI standards, which is all I am saying. Impressive none the less.

    • H. Scott Dalton

      I agree that “termination” would be a better word choice than “killing.” But I thought “initializing motivation protocol,” delivered in the machine’s monotone, was absolutely chilling. It reveals that the machines have a better understanding of their creators’ psyche than the creators would like. And the ending confirms it.

      Beautiful work, Mr. Lechowski. Well done.

      • anarchosurfer

        Termination sounds so clichéd, following it’s programming protocols is a far more original sound bite and could be a catchphrase. It also makes it sound more Sci Fi..

    • Hollywood

      I am jealous!

    • jacob niederkorn

      Part of the reason for vocalizing such things was to manipulate the subject. You know, force him to become worried and afraid enough not to question things. Like how one of his hands got free… Or why the killing protocol took so long…

    • JohnDiesInTheEnd

      The whole use of Killing protocol over n over again was to show that it was just a machine and that’s how it was programmed also to use termination instead would be kinda silly as this is the same plot as what film…Terminator1/2/3/4/ soooo i’m sure the author knew this and tried to avoid using that word at all costs.

  10. The opening scene is exactly how a Starcraft movie should be made. Dark, alien, and with voices just like that. That sounded exactly like a Protoss voice. Amazing job.

  11. dan oister o keeffe

    fantastic idea cant wait to see this in a few years.

  12. ninjaiscrazy

    Amazing work!Hollywood can go to hell,this is true masterpiece!If you ever decide to make the full movie be sure that a lot of people will see it! :)

  13. Alexandria

    I have a degree in computer animation. If I could be half as talented as Mr. Lechowski I would be happy with myself. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS

  14. Joe

    This plot isn’t that original. I saw pretty much the same plot in the video game series Mass Effect.

    • Geoff Wilson

      That’s reaching

      • it’s the exact same storyline as in mass effect, one of the races on mass effect got almost killed to extinction by the robotic life they created and it was an alien race, with almost the exact same storyline.

        • Luke

          The premise of AI rebellion is as old as AI itself; before Mass Effect it had been done hundreds of times. That fact doesn’t detract from this short film, which was superb.

        • Battlestar Glactica would be the first to take on this story from start to finish. But mini story premise like this had been done years before Mass Effect. Not taking anything away from Mass Effect, but ive seen way to many people claiming some sort of “your story sucks because Mass Effect already did this,” Not true, so I had to say something… This short video is awesome and I hope someone takes notice of this kid and possibly create the next major Sci-Fi film.

          • Aidan Quinn

            oddly i just started watching Battlestar the other day. Hadn’t got round to it before.

  15. Kent

    Beautiful work

  16. carl robin

    wow. i mean that is the most badass looking alien i have ever seen, i have nothing elso to say… gimme more of this beautiful creation!!!!

  17. Simon Fox

    omg I was on Stumble Upon and this came up , Kaleb shouldmake a series on youtube I would subscxribe to it immediately

    • Simon Sux

      omg now you’re just leaving the rest of the world wondering why you felt like putting an “x” in “subscribe”

      • scrappybilly

        Because the C and X are right next to each other?

      • J-Remmy

        What a douche….LOL Ever heard of a typo nigga?

        • daddyd01

          Let’s see, white boy, drives a pimped out car with huge wheels, playing that loud, foul garbage call rap, all paid for with Daddy’s plastic. Thinks he’s real ghetto calling people “nigga”.

          • HK-47

            Amusement: This negro organic believes he is equal and or superior to the Caucasian organics. Amusing indeed.

      • Simon FTW

        Leave Simon Fox alone you nasty Simon Sux

      • Luigi

        Quite ironic for a guy who calls himself Simon Sux!!

      • manakin

        cause u can acidentaly press the x button whilst trying to press the c button, derp. ya comprehood so why hate? you redundant fuck.

  18. JK

    All flash and no substance, there is a reason this isn’t hollywood.

    • El Senior BagofCrap

      all bitching and no substance, their isnt a reason for you to be on the internet

      • Jessica

        everything is on the internet; it doesn’t have to be good to be on the internet. I’ve seen some crappy stuff in my time, and this wasn’t half bad.

    • George

      Have you never seen the Transformers series?

    • Brandon DeWitt

      i really didnt see any flashing and u obviously didnt pay attention to the words they were saying so in conclusion u r deaf but thought it was too exciting to handle yet think hollywood is full of creative, original ideas…

      • poopinmyhands

        original? google all the films they are REMAKING this year
        its insane. Also has Joseph Gorden Lovitt been in every movie the past 12 months or am i crazy


          So you didn’t read the last post, you just replied? Nice job.

    • adbag

      Because Hollywood are all about substance? You moron.

  19. Marcus Vann

    Great Work! Even though I knew Mass Effect’s story line before I saw this film, It was astoundingly good for a single person to do such brilliance. The sprites and animations are close to perfect, but what really gives me the creep and the awe is the voices made, A CGI will never be complete without the character’s voices to act. Kudos to you creator.
    Can you tell us more on how you made this film? Like what platform did you use, what softwares etc?

  20. JoeShmo

    … This is the basics of the matrix guys. A race over thrown by Artificial Intelligence. Its done very well don’t get me wrong, I want to see more. its just not all that original

  21. ladodo


    • "ladodo"? really?

      no, what would happen as a result of what your mom and dad did in bed 12 years ago was predictable…

    • duncan allan

      Have YOU ever achieved anything? Apart from stealing our air of course.

  22. david

    more please

  23. this was great, though my only problem with it is, exactly who is he “thinking” to when he’s giving the plot dump backstory. It’s a GOOD backstory and I really would like to know more of what happened, but the self narrating of his own flashback kinda pulled me out of it. The voice acting and graphics were amazing and if this could be expanded even a little more, I’d look forward to it.

  24. rha

    love the design of the alien,based on the egyptian sun god ra, hence the name, awesome

  25. The Great One

    Mass effect 4?

    • Nigga Please

      Dude I was thinking the same thing!

  26. ICU

    The animation work is nicely executed. That’s it. There isn’t anything original about this! An army of machines is about to terminate a living species? Hmmm, where have I seen that before? Terminator?! The Matrix?! Several video games?! Please, don’t pretend you were surprised by this copied and predictable storyline. Props for the technical aspect, though.

  27. Chauncy Stewart

    hat was fucking awesome. I thought the guy had escaped till I saw the the release and tracking on the screen. Make more!

  28. pauline

    how awesome would it be if the alien had to find help and contacted earth??

    • Personally, that’s exactly what I WOULDN’T want to happen. If this WAS a Hollywood film, that’s how it’d go. The alien finds earth – with a ****load of homicidal robots in pursuit – then we (or as is usually the case in Hollywood, America alone) bring out the peashooters/top secret weapon/giant frickin’ robots (delete as appropriate) and save the day.
      I would much rather see the battle played out with no human input at all :)
      Fantastic short film either way. Will be keeping an eye out for more.

  29. MaxFromVT

    Looks like Battlestar but with cobra people and with GLaDOS as the Cylons.

    ….actually looks awesome

  30. TheBJF

    The animation (particularly in the musculature) is amasing. The ideas have been done, but so have all ideas. the real problem is, they have been done too recently. what would be really cool, is if he had good, creative writers that could take this start, and make you think you knew what was coming but instead, have it go in another direction entirely. There is just enough here to pull off such an idea.

    • sir_earl

      Every idea has been done before… until someone thinks of another one! ;)

  31. Monica

    This was so good! Mind blown.

  32. Frostelf

    awesome for 1 person to make this

  33. GumbyWench

    Half the people here who have negatively criticised the short film are barely able to create a sentence, yet this young man has clearly worked hard to create something that looks wonderful. Yes, the story may not be 100% original – but name me one Hollywood movie which is? Most films these days are rehashed/regurgitated junk, at least this video kept me interested. Well done, Kaleb.

    • NiggaPlease

      nah everyone is more interested criticizing some dude who spelled “subscribe” wrong

  34. awsome

  35. Randal

    This is Great… More More :)

  36. Bull.

    Photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels.

  37. Sci-guy

    Regarding whether this short should make Hollywood jealous, this short is memorable for it’s visual and audio style more than it’s exploration of character, story, or premise… precisely what Hollywood produces anyway. Regarding the short itself, to be created by a 22 year old the overall style is superbly done. Kaleb is an excellent animator and visual artist! But to truly captivate sci-fi fans, these visuals are best when they are linked with a unique story. Most animators benefit from working with a writer.

  38. Just as an bit of an update .. Kaleb has picked up a manager and is headed to Hollywood to talk with a couple of movie companies

    • Flobalob


      Keep us posted?

  39. cerakahna

    that is the most irish sounding robot i’ve ever heard

  40. HopefullyHelpful

    Well put together. CGI is very impressive although I have to say it IS lacking the photorealism that that Special Effects have brought to the big screen. Although I do not know if it is the limitation of the program you are using. Skin and water. Both difficult to master but that should be what you look at when rendering. When that gets close to photorealism then everything else will fall into place.

    Dialogue was great except for “killing protocol” It lacks intelligence.

    I didn’t see anything impressive in the way of lighting, Although, honestly I think it was the perfect ambient level for the dark room setting.

    Sound was an issue. When the “being” ripped the head off the machine, I thought my headphones went out. Should have spent a little longer putting in sounds that would match these actions of ripping and dropping metal. The patter of his feet were excellent but there was no echo of any kind that I would expect in a machine only ship.

    All in all I give a 7/10 Overall very well done. I am more than impressed.

    I hope this gets to you Mr. Lechowski. Keep going.

  41. Good premise for a Great Movie!!!

  42. I was on stumbleupon and found this but havent they heard of terminator or mass effect? same story this isnt anything new

  43. amazingmovie!

    this would make an absolutely amazing movie. and not original you say? what in the **** is not original about machines taking over an alien race? have we EVER seen this before? well, i haven’t. it’s always either machines taking over the human race, aliens taking over the human race, humans taking over the human race, or some-freak-thing taking over the human race… and then we just win against impossible odds which is totally not fair against the aliens or robots. but this right here. the possibilites of where the plot could go with this are endless. all in all, “R’ha” is definitely a movie i would pay money to see in the theaters and then later on the BD release. in 3D.

    • Universaljester

      everything you said but with out 3D, just saying 3D can suck on a chode

  44. John_29

    Wow… Thank you StumbleUpon for leading me here!

    If this was a miniseries, I would definitely watch it!

    Very well done!

  45. KC

    Brilliant. Would love to see the completion of this story.

  46. Gumber

    AMAZING simply AMAZING. now shut up and take my money.

  47. stilleb

    Well done, several parallels with Mass Effect’s war between the Geth and the Quarians.

  48. paulie

    i think it needs a human element. Perhaps the aliens ask for humans to help with their machine problem and the humans dont have a choice because the machines automatically associate the humans and aliens as allies. could be a potential twist…

    • Universaljester

      why humans ? i have to ask this why do humans need to be in it ? what’s so important about us being in a film ? it wouldn’t make a twist it would make a cliche that would suck and therefore make the movie suck

  49. The Heavy Weapons Guy

    WOW that was great !

  50. wow……just pure awesome dude keep up the work

  51. Hass

    wow!!!! Amazing…so much talent and so much vision.

    Thank you for the brief entertainment, of course it’s a short movie but very fulfilling. I look forward in your future films. I am you number 1 fan.

  52. Leighroy

    Brilliant, I absolutely loved it and I want to know what happens.

  53. Jonan

    Dude if you’re doing this at 22… You are going to be one rich son of a gun…!

  54. John Pope

    This is the same concept as Terminator. The machines gain intelligence and up rise against their creators. He switched humans with aliens. But I must say taking it to this level of outer space and them being defenders of other planets with the perception that other aliens on different planets will pop out the wood works. Its a great concept, would like to see more story line. Development to short series, or film will definitely support

    • Aidan Quinn


  55. Robot

    I loved this and would jump for joy to watch the rest in a theater. I have been saying for a while now that I wish they would make a movie that didn’t involve humans or Earth in some way. We always find our way into whatever situation as a way for relate ability and excuse to “organically” explain the plot in basic baby talk. So although the robots overtaking in itself isn’t new I would still call this completely original.

  56. I have put off watching this video. I don’t know why. You id a great job with the animation and I like the plot. Hopefully you will be able to do the full length version

  57. Quc


  58. Heather Robinson

    Awesome job on the alien! I wish we had evolved with 4 arms- so jealous!!!

    If Earth was contacted, we would kidnap some alien robots and embed them with well hidden spy gear, release them back inconspicuously to their robot leaders… We could watch the movie from the robots viewpoint. Of course the organic aliens win :K

  59. daddyd01

    Ho-Hum, just another basement boy, living off his parents, with no job, tons of time on his hands, making a “short” thinking he’ll get “noticed” just like the ten thousand others that think they’ll get noticed.

  60. justsayin

    The first part was wonderful… then he started moving. He needs to work on fully using muscles on a construct. Otherwise it was an enjoyable ride, if not noticeably amateur. It takes a lot to do movement, sometimes a whole team.

  61. Chris Palavicin]

    Sort of reminds me of Mass Effect. Awesome work though really. What do you guys expect?? I doubt he had 5 million, a team and the best equipment available to make this.

  62. tim

    that guy didnt create the idea of alien vs their creations. its been in mass effect for years and other such things

  63. Chirs

    Fantastic work! Storywise it’s too similar to Battlestar Galactica. Work on the script and you may be on to something! Keep up the good work!

  64. adbag85

    That was thoroughly enjoyable.

  65. J.J.

    Stumble Upon led me here too, and OMG!!! This is fabulous, why can’t the networks come up with stuff like this?!?

  66. Nick

    This was absolutely amazing. I honestly believe that if he were to continue on this, it would be a huge success.

  67. Anyone see battlestar galactica, apparently not the guy who made this. Cool but the robots gaining sentience and revolting storyline has been done. Some of the dialog in this short film was even said in battlestar galactica.

  68. IamGod

    This would be a great full length movie!

  69. pln8

    Oh man I am hooked.. Lets do this. Kaleb lets get you some money and make this movie.. If I’m JJ Abrahms I’m crapping my pants right now..

  70. anarchosurfer

    A really interesting concept. Great designs. It could make the basis of a fantastical movie. it would be interesting if you could do the movie without any actual humans.
    people have slagged off the dialogue, I thought it was fine, it needed to convey a lot in a short period. the robots came across as, well robots. The robot had a distinct character of it’s own and was far more expressive than the infamous Daleks.
    It was slightly confusing having the same actor do both voices but it also gave them a kinship. A robot created by Aliens would talk in a similar way to the aliens, computer voices sound more like us all the time.
    I’m intrigued and I’d like to see more of this Universe. The snake headed Alien could have links with the Ancient Egyptians, Maybe they were an Alien race that visited us. They could end up here in the present as refugee’s but with the Robot’s tracking them here. We’d have to join them to fight the Aliens.
    Another scenario could be based around them visiting us in Egypt. An Egyptian travels to their planet and gets embroiled in the war with the machines, The sequel could be set in the present when we have accidently contacted the machines through transmitting into space. maybe someone finds an artefact in a Pyramid and uses it to contact the Aliens who, with the 4,000 year old Egyptian help us defend earth.
    The third film could be the human Alien fight back against the Robots. the initial concept is so interesting and leaves so much unsaid that they could take this anywhere. From the look of the Alien I assume the Egyptian thing is already in their minds.
    Even if this never becomes a film Kaleb should have no trouble getting an animation job.
    Thanks Kaleb.
    Good luck.

  71. Michael

    Wow, a little more focus on dialog and some more backstory and this could be one of those could-be-a-movie series popping up on TV nowadays

  72. Skitch

    I am reminded of the movie Immortal in a way.
    Seriously… wheres a sequel?

  73. Jo

    Absolutely brilliant! Would be really interested to watch a series or a movie based on the same storyline…very intriguing.

  74. Lurifax

    Holy fuck i want this


    i dont normally like stuff like this, but i was transfixed

  76. This could be an incredible full-length film!

  77. Brett Fritz

    I wish this was a full movie, it seems way too damn bad ass to just be a random short movie floating around the internet.

  78. arturo ayon

    That was an impressive animation from a modeler! If you don’t already work for industrial light & magic you need to apply stat! haha in all honesty this film was immaculate, and all your hard labor definitely reached fruition and surpassed my expectations while clicking the play button.

  79. shocked

    That was probably one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen

  80. Take equal parts Terminator and Battlestar Galatica and yu pretty much end up with this. Very well made though. Well done !!

    • Alissa S. W. McKeighan

      I agree! BSG came to mind nearly immediately.

  81. Elvis

    Amazing…. hope there is a full movie on it

  82. Aside from the “plot twist” at the end, this was actually… pretty terrible. Worse than campy dialogue and uninteresting setting.

    • xantheus13

      You are in the minority then. This was a very well made and written piece. Not terrible by a long-shot…

  83. Pablo


  84. Billieb4748

    Fabulous, I hope it becomes a reality on the big screen….well done!

  85. Zalittle

    You have to admit the CGI and creativity from one individual was time consuming and professional in the quality. I must say that the idea and representation was awesome in its creative construction. To be critical of it is assuming that major production companies were involved rather than seeing that is was excellently done by an individual with great future promise. Way to go on such an excellent construction and idea. Wow!

  86. Isaac McHale

    Outstanding CGI! The characters remind me of Anubis from Stargate and Sentinels from The Matrix; both are phenomenal sci-fi inspirations to pull from. However, I think the protagonist merely slipping out of his bonds is a bit weak (how about coaxing and coercing a logical machine to just set you free?) The hero is essentially an inhuman grunt with a lucky break. The animation is awesome though! I say find some writers who can tie it in with human beings and expand the story from there.

    • Noobkiller

      He didn’t slip out, the machines loosened his bonds on purpose.

  87. brucewill


  88. Shorty12345

    Not a terrible idea. The alien may as well have been human though, the technology and architecture is human-like, even the body structure is human; and both robot and alien seem to speak English.

    Otherwise, fantastic! Great animation, effects, etc.

    • Damon Palovaara

      I think the alien was supposed to be a highly evolved human being

  89. TheGameMonk

    Great CGI, but wouldn’t pay a dime to see it. As is its a side story in an “ok” video game. Again the cgi is on point. Hollywood puts out junk like Olympus has fallen soooo. Who knows.

  90. Ed

    Several times more imaginative and entertaining than the majority of blockbusters this year.

  91. Alissa S. W. McKeighan

    Someone is a BSG fan…

  92. Joshua Crum

    hm, egyptian looking…

  93. Arizona

    Quite amazing! I wish this was an actual film! I would pay a lot to come and see it.

  94. erick

    It´s amazing!!! when i can see the complete film???? oh my god! is woderful!

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