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Winextra | April 23, 2014

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[Off The Cuff] Google, Microsoft, And The YouTube Silliness

August 17, 2013 |

It might only be a matter of a very small number of Windows Phone users who are affected by the latest yanking of the ‘official’ YouTube app from Windows Phone but it is something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place. Read More

Feedly’s New $5 Pro Level Isn’t About Features – It’s About Showing Support

August 5, 2013 | 1

When I fired up Feedly (my RSS reader of choice) this morning I was greeted by a blue banner that was introducing the upcoming Feedly Pro with a price tag of $5 per month or a special time limited deal of $99.00 for a lifetime subscription. Read More

[Off The Cuff] Adding Insult To Geotarding Injury

August 2, 2013 |

Geotarding is stupid at any time but even more so when it comes to things like movie trailers but now they are doing out with geotarding that comes with a nice sounding woman telling you that the video isn’t available. Read More

I’m All In With Google And Why This Should Worry Microsoft

July 31, 2013 | 7

Now before anyone points and say just who do you think you are that Microsoft should worry, it isn’t “me” that the company needs to worry about but rather the people like me – the long time Microsoft users who have stuck with the company through thick and thin. Read More

[Off The Cuff] Oh My, Isn’t The Chromecast Just Wonderful

July 26, 2013 | 1

Let me just interiate once more – I like what Google is doing with the Chromecast. I would have bought one myself on day one but couldn’t. Read More

‘The’ Captain Kirk Gets Immortalized In Lego

June 15, 2013 |

It’s one thing to be immortalized in wax as some dummy in a wax museum but how many of our geek heroes can say that they’ve been preserved forever as a statue made out of Lego? Read More

No Dailymotion for Yahoo, How About Flickr?

May 1, 2013 | 3

Last week one of the bigger rumors circulating the tech world was the idea that Yahoo would step into the video hosting game with a large percentage purchase of French based Dailymotion. Read More

Fox Releases New “Wolverine” Trailer – Seriously Badass! [video]

May 1, 2013 |

Talk about an awesome summer of movies coming our way and one of the most anticipated ones would have to be James Mangold’s The Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman. Read More