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Winextra | April 20, 2014

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Awesome Half-Sleeve HALO Tattoo

February 22, 2013 |

Wow. Kind of at loss for words about how great this looks. Unfortunately I have no further info on the who or where on the tattoo so any info would beĀ appreciatedĀ so we can give credit where it is due. via izismileRead More

Amazing Tattoo Art Using Our Backs A Living Canvases [Pics]

January 19, 2013 |

Even though I don’t have a single tattoo, nor plan to get one, that doesn’t change the fact that I tattoos as an art form that we can wear through our lives. To put that art there requires incredibly talented people and I love to share their work here on Winextra since it seems that more than a few geeks out there have some serious tattoo love themselves. Read More

Ever Wonder What’s Hiding Out Under Someone’s Skin?

December 30, 2012 |

There are a lot of incredibly talented tattoo artists, and brave people willing to be their living canvases, but I think that not only does it take a special kind of talent to be able to create a 3D inkscape on the human body but to be able to do by peeling away the skin, or at least seeming to, is creativity at a new level. Read More

Beautiful Women Plus Incredible Tattoos Equals Pure Awesome [Pics]

December 19, 2012 |

I don’t have a single bit of ink myself but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the incredible talent of tattoo artists especially when combined with beautiful women and these are 15 of the nicest ones I’ve seen a while. These beautiful images were found on Pinterest; but be warned that clicking on the link [...]Read More

An Awesome Tattoo To Make Spider Man Jealous

December 8, 2012 | 1

Definitely not for a person who is afraid of spider but still .. what an awesome job of a tattoo. via izismileRead More

How Do You Tell A Serious Borderlands 2 Fan? Check Their Tattoo

November 18, 2012 |

That is some serious tattooing skills showing up here folks. Anyone who has played Borderlands, or Borderlands 2, will recognize the Psycho Bandit from the original Borderlands box art. Read More

6 Awesome Realistic Looking Tattoos For A Tuesday Afternoon

September 25, 2012 |

These six incredible looking and realistic looking tattoos are part of a larger collection over at Buzzfeed but some of them I have shared before so I just pick the six that were my favorites and hadn’t been posted here before

The top tattoo is courtesy of

Read More